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Very reasonable bike shop. I needed a new peddle and was accommodated. I will be coming back to this shop for a tune-up soon.
— Daniel Thorpe, google review

Brought in my bike because of flat. Guy was great. Took his time to see where the tire vulnerability was and recommended what should be done to reduce liklihood of another flat. Very reasonable and great service!
— Bill D., Illinois

I got a good deal on a new bike and it came un-assembled, so I brought it here per the recommendation of a friend since he works for the university - I love that this is a student run shop. They put together the bike in a few days, and it only cost $50! They had me ride the bike in the garage for final adjustments, which at that time I thought it was fine. I took the bike on the road and the bars felt a little high, and the worst part was I didn’t know how to use Shimano shifters (how embarrassing...)... I literally bought a bike I didn’t know how to ride... I biked it back because I thought my shifters were broken and couldn’t shift down. They not only adjusted the handle bars, but he also showed me how to ride my bike. Probably one of those moments my dad would have been very envious that another man was showing me how to ride a bike. They didn’t charge me for the biking lesson and making some minor adjustments - what thoughtful people that work there!
— David L., Illinois

These guys are awesome!!! Anytime I’ve had a problem with my bike, or even a question, they are always happy to help and very informative. Their prices are stellar, and the quality of work is awesome! They are and forever will be my go to for anything bike related!!!
— Justin F., Illinois

A super helpful place with very knowledgeable people operating it. I recommend this place to anyone looking for a cheap and reliable bike shop. Their prices are unbeatable.
— Brianna garcia, google review

This is a really great company. It is completely student run out of Loyola and they provide really great deals on bike rentals. I had a week rental for a friend and we weren’t able to return it on time and I just called and asked to extend my rental and they were totally cool with it! If you need a cheap and reliable bike rental option, go here!
— Lauren miranda, google review

Extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff. Also, their prices are the best in the area for any kind of bike repair.
— Rafael G., Chicago, IL

This is a great place to rent a bike. Great rates and you get a good bike, helmet and lock. You can drop the bike off after hours with their drop box system. I enjoyed my trip in Chicago so much more by having a bike. Plus, this is 100% student run. They rent the bikes, repair them and do the books. I highly recommend. BTW I rent bikes everywhere I go and I travel a lot.
— Chris G., Bradenton, Fl

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