Jackie Micelli

Jackie is the President as well as local bike shop wizard of Chainlinks, she is a rising senior here at Loyola with a major in Psych and a minor in Management.  Jackie has been with Chainlinks since 2015.  She was searching for an on campus job right before going abroad to Rome and was led to our shop.  When Jackie isn't in the shop you can usually find her biking around Chicago eating her body weight in food and snapping pics for the 'Gram or if she's back home in Reno Nevada probably shredding some fresh powder with her friends.  


Ali Platt

Ali is a rising senior here at Loyola with a major in Visual Communications and a minor in Roman Studies.  Ali is about to complete her first year here at Chainlinks and was interested in the shop since she wanted to develop a newfound appreciation of bikes.  When Ali isn't in the shop she is either exploring Chicago or baking in hopes of one day starting a culinary career and exploring the world tasting all the different cuisines.  She's off to a great start since she's a really good cook.  

Fun fact: Ali has lived in four different states


Isabelle Abbott

Isabelle is a rising sophomore here at Loyola and she was so hyped on Chainlinks she applied here even before she started her freshman year at Loyola.  As an IES major Isabelle was heavily interested in the sustainability programs that Loyola offers which is what brought her to Chainlinks.  When she's not in the shop Isabelle likes to pet dogs, preferably in her hometown of Austin Texas, or checkout cool Chicago restaurants usually recommended by Jackie.  



Jaime Rode

Jaime is a rising senior here at Loyola with a double major in Information Systems and Marketing, he was brought to Chainlinks when he was looking for a marketing position but didn't want to complete a typical internship program.  When Jaime isn't in the shop he is either getting lost exploring Chicago, which is surprising considering he's from the suburbs, or adding items to his Amazon shopping cart that he will probably never purchase.  Jaime one day aspires to own his own coffee shop and retire at the ripe young age of 45.